San Diego, CA: Old Globe Theatre

Country: United States of America
State: California
City: San Diego
Location: Balboa Park

Built 1935 by Richard Requa as part of the California Pacific International Exposition, inspired by Shakespeare's London "Globe" (1614). 1969 addition of a theatre in the round named "Cassius Carter Centre Stage". Old Globe Theatre destroyed by fire after an arson attack in March 1978, subsequently rebuilt. 1978 addition of an outdoor festival stage that was destroyed by fire after an arson attack in 1984 and was subsequently rebuilt and reopened as "Lowell Davies Festival Theatre".

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[San Diego, CA: Old Globe Theatre] Front Text: "Old Globe Theatre", inscription: "old globe theatre"
Reverse Text: "San Diego, California. The old Globe Theatre in Balboa Park is the scene of the annual Shakespearean Festival each summer. Also used on week-ends year 'round."
Publisher: Coronado Cards, San Diego; 63269-C
Size: Modern
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