Hobart: Theatre Royal

Country: Australia
State: Tasmania
City: Hobart
Location: 29 Campbell Street

Built 1834 for a consortium of business leaders. Opened 6 March 1837 as "New Theatre Royal" (500-600 seats). Originally used for all kinds of entertainment, from music hall to cock fights. 1850 addition of a gallery (800 seats). Called "Royal Victoria Theatre" for some time. 1890 auditorium redecoration. 1984 damaged by a fire. Subsequently rebuilt and extended by the fly tower. Reopened 6 March 1987.

Links: www.theatreroyal.com.au, AusStage, Wikipedia

[Hobart: Theatre Royal] Front Text: "Theatre Royal - Hobart"
Reverse Text: "Theatre Royal (Hobart, Tasmania) - This beautifully restored theatre features the plush elegance of a bygone era. Audiences now thirll to live theatre and concerts in one of Australia's truly elegant venues."
Publisher: Tasmanian Postcards; TP 559
Size: Modern
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