Melbourne: Princess Theatre

Country: Australia
State: Victoria
City: Melbourne
Location: 163 Spring Street

[1st entertainment venue on the site built 1854 as "Astley's Amphitheatre". Later rebuilt and renamed "Royal Amphitheatre". 1857 renovated and renamed "The Princess Theatre and Opera House". 1865 major rebuilding. Demolished in favour of a new theatre building in 1885.]

Current theatre built 1885-1886 by William Pitt for J.C Williamson, George Musgrove and Arthur Gamer, known as "The Triumvirate". Used for drama, opera, and ballet performances. 1901 conversion of the open terraces to a winter garden foyer. 1922 major refurbishment. 1987-1989 major renovation and rebuilding (addition of a fly tower and new bars, auditorium and public spaces renovated to the 1922 designs). Re-opened 9 Dec 1989 with C.-M. Schoenberg's musical "Les Miserables". Since then used for major musical performances.

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[Melbourne: Princess Theatre] Front Text: "Princess Theatre, Melbourne", inscription: "Princess Theatre"
Type: Divided Back
Publisher: V. S. M. Series
Size: Classic
Sent: from Melbourne to Wellington (New Zealand), 1905

[Melbourne: Princess Theatre] Front Text: inscription: "Princess Theatre", on theatre poster: "Oba Oba '97", on stamp: "Melbourne Cable Tram 1886"
Reverse Text: "City Circle Tram/Princess Theatre, Melbourne"
Publisher: Australia Post
Type: Pre-stamped Postal Card; 9 312650 124205
Size: Modern
Not sent.

[Melbourne: Princess Theatre] Folded Greeting Card
Front Text: inscription: "Princess Theatre", on poster: "The Boy from Oz" - "Must Close Nov. 21"
Publisher: Thiyara Photocards; Richard Everett
Type: Real Photo
Size: 17.5 x 12.8 cm

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