Melbourne: Tivoli Theatre

Country: Australia
State: Victoria
City: Melbourne
Location: 249 Bourke Street

[1st theatre on the site built as "The Melbourne Opera House". On 22 Aug 1896 site of the first motion picture performances in Australia by magician Carl Hertz. Demolished 1901.]

Built 1901 for vaudeville king Harry Rickards. Later renamed "Tivoli Theatre". Used for variety and vaudeville performances. Closed 2 Apr 1966. Re-opened May 1966 as a cinema. Destroyed by a fire on 4 Apr 1967. Remains subsequently demolished in favour of an office building (today: RMIT University Business School).

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[Melbourne: Tivoli Theatre] Front Text: "The Tivoli Theatre, Melbourne, Australia", on signs: "Variety", "Tivoli", "Ladies first - The new Girly Show with Jenny Howard - Olga Varona - Valantyne Napier 'Human Spider' - Antia Martell - From U. S. A. Joan Brandon" - "Tivoli - Jenny Howards - Tivoli Theatre" - "Ladies First"
Reverse Text: drawn by Nicholas Charlesworth
Publisher: The Badger Press, Westbury; Vaudeville Postcards
Size: Modern
Sent: from London (United Kingdom) to Melbourne, 1994

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