Toronto: Sony Centre for the Performing Arts

Country: Canada
Province: Ontario
City: Toronto
Location: 1 Front Street East

Built by Peter Dickinson. Opened 1 Oct 1960 as "O'Keefe Centre for the Performing Arts". Named after a corporate sponsor, O'Keefe Brewing Company. 1996 renamed "Hummingbird Centre" after another corporate sponsor, Hummingbird Communications. From 1961 until 2006, home to the Canadian Opera Company and the National Ballet of Canada. 2008-2010 renovations. Re-opened 1 Oct 2010 as "Sony Centre of the Performing Arts" after another corporate sponsor. 3191 seats.

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[Toronto: Sony Centre for the Performing Arts] Reverse Text: "O'Keefe Centre for the Performing arts. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A multi-purpose theatre desivned to accomodate all of the performing arts."
Publisher: Royal Specialty Sales, Toronto; P37940 T78
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
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