Ciudad de Guatemala: Teatro Colón

Country: Guatemala
City: Ciudad de Guatemala

Built 1859 as "Teatro Carrera". Named in honour of the general Rafael Carrera y Turcios (1814-1865). Ca1871 reamed "Teatro Nacional". 1892 renamed "Teatro Colón" in honour of the Italian explorer, Christofero Colombo (span. Cristóbal Colón, engl. Christopher Columbus). Severely damaged in the 1917-1918 earthquakes. Demolished 1923.

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[Ciudad de Guatemala: Teatro Colon] Stamp (Guatemala, 1902)
Text: "Teatro Colón"

[Ciudad de Guatemala: Teatro Colon] Front Text: "Jardines del Teatro Colón, Guatemala, C. A."
Publisher: Valdeavellano & Co.; No. 516
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Not sent.

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