Beit She'an: Roman Theatre

Country: Israel
City: Beit She'an (ancient name: Scythopolis)

Ancient Roman theatre. Excavated 1960.

Links: Theatrum, Wikidata

Beit She'an: Roman Theatre Front Text: "Beit Shean, Roman Theatre"
Reverse Text: "Beit Shean - Roman Theatre. Excavated in 1960. Its diameter is about 90 m. The theatre had 7 gates with 30 lines of seats, and a capacity of about 5000 people."
Publisher: Palphot; 9376
Size: Modern
Not sent.

Beit She'an: Roman Theatre Front Text: "Beit Shean"
Reverse Text: "Beit Shean, the Roman Theatre"
Publisher: Palphot, Herzlia
Size: Modern
Sent: from Israel to Vlaardingen (Netherlands), 1991

Beit She'an: Roman Theatre Reverse Text: "Beit Shean - The Roman Theatre cronice from the scene frons."
Publisher: Isranof, Tel Aviv; 774
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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