Caesarea Maritima: Roman Theatre

Country: Israel
City: Caesarea Maritima

Ancient Roman theatre.

Links: Theatrum, Wikipedia

Caesarea Maritima: Roman Theatre Front Text: "Caesarea, The Concert of Pablo Casals"
Reverse Text: "Caesarea, Ampthitheatre (from the Herodes time). Pablo Casals's concert" [Wrong - this is a theatre, not an amphitheatre!]
Publisher: Isranol, Tel Aviv; 547
Size: Modern
Not sent.

Caesarea Maritima: Roman Theatre Front Text: "Caesarea, the Roman amphitheatre" [see above]
Reverse Text: "Caesarea, ancient Roman Ampthitheatre - Césarée, Amphitheâtre romain antique - Caesarea, altes roemisches Amphitheater - Caesarea, antik romersk teater" [see above]
Publisher: Palphot; 3967
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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