Tel Aviv: Habimah Theatre

Country: Israel
City: Tel Aviv
Location: Tarsat Avenue

Built 1935-1945 by Oskar Kaufmann (who supervised the works only until ca. 1938). Finished by Eugen Stolzer. Opened 30 September 1945. 1958 completion of fašade and alterations by Ran Jarnu and Zvu Nekter. 1967 major rebuilding by D. Mayo and I. Landau. Of Kaufman's original designs, hardly anything survives. The complex contains a large theatre hall and two smaller halls (total capacity: 1520 seats).

Home to the "Habimah" ("The Stage") theatre company, the first theatre company performing drama in Hebrew. The company was founded at Moscow in 1917 and moved permanently to Tel Aviv in 1931. The company performs traditional plays on Jewish themes, works of contemporary Israeli playwrights and translations of international classics, dramas and comedies.

Notable world premieres:

  • Ephraim Kishon: Oh, Oh, Juliet! (1973)
  • Joshua Sobol: Adam (July 1989)

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Tel Aviv: Habimah Theatre Front Text: "Tel-Aviv, "Habima" Theatre w. Tirza Ave."
Publisher: Palphot; 1650
Size: Classic
Sent: from Tel Aviv to New York NY (USA), 1951

Tel Aviv: Habimah Theatre First Day Cover
Stamp: "Habimah National Theatre Centennial" (Israel, 12 Sep 2017)
Postmark: "Habimah National Theatre Centennial, Tel Aviv-Yafo"
Size: 17.6. x 10.0 cm
Not sent.

Tel Aviv: Habimah Theatre Front Text: "Tel-Aviv, Habimah Theatre"
Size: Classic
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Tel Aviv: Habimah Theatre Front Text: "Tel-Aviv - Habima Theatre"
Reverse Text: "Tel-Aviv - Habima Theatre"
Publisher: Palphot; 9417
Size: Modern
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Tel Aviv: Habimah Theatre Reverse Text: "Habimah Theatre, Tel Aviv. A futuristic home for Israel's world fmaous Habimah Theatre company, founded over 50 years ago."
Publisher: Israel Art-Print Co., Tel-Aviv; Pik-O-Let; 8133
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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