Mumbai / Bombay: Excelsior Theatre

Country: India
City: Mumbai / Bombay
Location: Amarti Keshav Marg, Fort

Built in the late 19th century as "Novelty Theatre". Home to the Parsee repertory theatre group and the Victoria Theatre company.

[According to a quote from, the Novelty Theatre was torn down and the Excelsior erected on the same spot in 1909. However, the book "Bollywood Showplaces", ISBN 095165635X, does not mention this at all, but states that, from 1907, the Novelty was also used as a cinema by the "Excelsior Cinematograph" company, and was confusingly referred to in advertisments as either "Excelsior Theatre" or "Novelty Theatre". Later, only the "Excelsior Theatre" name stuck.]

Demolished in the 1970s.

[Subsequently, a new theatre was built on the site, opened 1974 as the "New Excelsior".]

[Mumbai / Bombay: Novelty Theatre / Excelsior Theatre] Front Text: "Excelsior Theatre, Bombay", on sign: "Excelsior"
Publisher: King & Co., Bombay; No. 7; Manufactured in Saxony
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Bombay to Paris (France), 1928

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