Pyongyang: April 25 House of Culture

Country: North Korea (Choson)
City: Pyongyang
Location: Podunamu Street / Kaesonmun Street / Pipha Street

Built 1974-1975. Opened 1975 as "February 8 House of Culture" (after the date of the founding of the Korean People's Army). After 1980 renamed "April 25 House of Culture" (after the founding date of the resistance army against the Japanese). The complex comprises a large theatre hall (6000 seats) and a smaller theatre (1100 seats).

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[Pyongyang: April 25 House of Culture] Picture: small theatre
Reverse Text: "Teatro con 1100 butacas, de la Casa Cultural '8 de Febrero'"
Publisher: Pyongyang R.P.D.C.; "Tarjeta Postal"
Size: Modern
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