Shanghai: Grand Theatre (new)

Country: China
City: Shanghai
Location: 200 Huang Pi Road / Shanghai People's Plaza

Built 1998 by Jean-Marie Charpentier, interior design by STUDIO with East China Design and Research Institute of Architecture. Acoustical consultant: J. Q. Wang; acoustical design: K. S. Zhang. Opened August 1998 with Tchaikovsky's ballet "Swan Lake", performed by the National Ballet company, Beijing. Used for performances of Western and Chinese opera, ballet and drama performances, and symphonic concerts. 1895 seats.

[N.B.: The building is not identical with the 1933 "Shanghai Grand Theatre" cinema.]


[Shanghai: Grand Theatre (new)] Reverse Text: Shanghai Grand Theatre
Publisher: 20 Views of Shanghai New Buildings
Size: 16.4 x 11.5 cm
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