Singapore: Capitol Theatre

Country: Singapore (Singapura)
City: Singapore
Location: North Bridge Road / Stamford Road

Built 1929 as "Capitol Theatre". Opened 1930. Ffinished in 1933 by Keys & Dowdeswell. 1944 damaged in World War II. 1946 purchased by the Shaw Organization and renamed "Shaw Building". Used as flagship cinema (1686 seats) of Shaw Organization. Closed 1998. Major rebuildings in the course of a redevelopment of the area. Reopened as a cinema in April 2015.

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[Singapore: Capitol Theatre] Front Text: inscription: "Capitol Theatre", poster: advertising the 1955 film, "Underwater!" with Jane Russell
Reverse Text: "Capital Theatre, Singapore" [sic!]
Publisher: S. C. Chang; H 118
Size: Classic
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