Ashgabat: Dramatichesky teatr im. Makhtumkuli (old)

Country: Turkmenistan (Turkmenostan)
City: Ashgabat (Ashkhabad, Poltoratsk)

Opened 1941 as "Turkmensky teatr dramy im. Mollanepesa". 1956 renamed "Dramatichesky teatr im. Makhtumkuli" in honour of the Turkmen 18th century poet, Mahtum Quli (Magtim Guli). 2006 the company moved to a new building. Old building subsequently used as student theatre "Mollanepes".

[Ashgabat: Dramatichesky teatr im. Makhtumkuli] Reverse Text: "Ashgabat, Turkmensky gosudarstvenny akademitchesky teatr dramy im. Mollanepesa"
Publisher: USSR Ministery, 1975
Size: Modern
Sent: from Halberstadt (Germany) to Halle-Neustadt (Germany), 1982

[Ashgabat: Dramatichesky teatr im. Makhtumkuli] Reverse Text: "Ashgabat, Dramatichesky teatr im. Makhtumkuli - The Makhtumkuli Drama Theatre in Ashkhabad"
Publisher: Aeroflot Soviet Airlines - Official Olympic Carrier
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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