Caracas: Teatro Teresa Carreño

Country: Venezuela
City: Caracas
Location: Final Avenida Méjico, Sector El Conde Los Caobos

Concert hall, built 1971-1983. The complex includes two main concert halls (Sala Ríos Reyna with 2500 seats, and Sala José Félix Ribas with 400 seats), an exhibtion hall (Sala Teresa Carreño), and several rehearsal halls. Home to the Orquesta Sinfónica de Venezuela and to the Orquesta Nacional Juvenil. Used for symphonic and chamber concerts, opera, theatre, and ballet performances as well as drama, film, and music festivals (including the annual Latin American Music Festival in November). Named in honour of the Venezuelan composer and pianist, Teresa Carreño (1853-1917), known to her public as the "Valkyrie of the piano".

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[Caracas: Teatro Teresa Carreño] Reverse Text: "Teatro Teresa Carreño, Caracas, Venezuela"
Publisher: Intana; 84 03.139 274674
Size: Modern
Sent: from Venezuela to Tuttlingen (Germany), 1986

[Caracas: Teatro Teresa Carreño] Reverse Text: "Teatro Teresa Carreño, Caracas, D.F."
Publisher: Derechos
Size: Modern
Sent: from Caracas to Dallas TX (USA), 1998

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