Season 2005/2006: New Opera Productions
in Germany, Austria, Switzerland
and some neighbouring countries

also available: list of opera house websites

Unless stated otherwise, this list contains new productions of operas, operettas and musicals found in previews for the 2005/2006 season. Many German theatres announce their new seasons very late compared to international standards, so many previews will not be available before summer 2005. The list of previews will be brought up-to-date only until ca. September 2005; it will only occasionally be edited during the season.

Neither completeness nor liability is assumed, especially where performance dates are given.

Please note that many operas are performed in translated versions, especially, but not only, by smaller companies. Operettas, musicals and children's operas are almost exclusively performed in German. Wherever possible, this list contains the original opera title, sometimes with an English translation in brackets. Do not be misled by many companies' use of a work's title in a particular language in their previews, websites, schedules, posters and even tickets: a production announced and promoted as "Ein Maskenball" may actually be sung in Italian and vice versa. Unless you find the words "übersetzt von..."/"deutsch von..."/"in deutscher Sprache" respectively "in Originalsprache"/"in italienischer Sprache" etc. in official printed or online sources, you cannot really be sure about the performance language. If you need to be absolutely sure, I recommend asking the box office staff by phone or e-mail.

WP = World Premiere. EP = European Premiere. GP = German Premiere. AP = Austrian Premiere. SP = Swiss Premiere. FP = French Premiere. t.b.c. = to be confirmed.
Date format: year-month-day.
Dates given are those of premieres if not noted otherwise.

Bad Ischl (A): Lehár-Festival 2005

Bayreuth: Bayreuther Barock

Bayreuth: Richard-Wagner-Festspiele





Bregenz (A): Bregenzer Festspiele

2005: 2006: Revival: Paleis voor Schone Kunsten / Palais des Beaux-Arts-->

Dresden: Semperoper

Dresden: Musikfestspiele 2005

Eutin: Eutiner Festspiele

Frankfurt am Main: Oper


Garmisch-Partenkirchen: Richard-Strauss-Tage 2005


Göttingen: Händel-Festspiele 2005

Halle an der Saale: Händel-Festspiele 2005


Hannover: Staatstheater

Innsbruck (A): Festwochen Alter Musik

2005: 2006: 2007:


2006/2007 2007/2008

Klagenfurt (A): Wörtherseefestspiele 2005

Lübeck: Theater

Ludwigsburg: Schlossfestspiele 2005

München: Bayerische Staatsoper

Revivals: 2010:

Neuburg a. d. Donau: Kammeroper 2005

Neustrelitz: Schlossgartenfestspiele


Salzburg (A): Landestheater

Salzburg (A): Festspiele

Summer 2005:


Summer 2006:


Salzburg (A): Osterfestspiele

2006: Future seasons:

Salzburg (A): Pfingsten + Barock 2005

Schwetzingen: Schwetzinger Festspiele 2005

Strasbourg / Mulhouse / Colmar (F): Opéra du Rhin

2005/2006: 2006/2007: 2007/2008: 2008/2009: 2009/2010:

Stuttgart: SI-Centrum


Stuttgart: Staatstheater

  • R. Strauss: Elektra (co-prod. with København)
  • ...

    Wien (A): Staatsoper

    2005/2006: Revivals: 2006/2007: Revivals: 2010:

    Wiesbaden: Hessisches Staatstheater

    Wildbad: Rossini in Wildbad


    Zürich (CH): Opernhaus

    Revivals: Later seasons:
    Compiled by Andreas Praefcke, 2005. I appreciate every addition, correction, or helpful suggestion. Thanks to all who helped me compile this file!

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