Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde

Producers: Walter Legge and Peter Andry. Recording Engineers: Robert Gooch and Douglas Larter. Rec. at Kingsway Hall, London, 1964-02 and 1966-07 (Ludwig) / 1964-11-07 - 1964-11-09 (Wunderlich).

Wunderlich's movements were recorded in November 1964. Christa Ludwig had already made two of her movements in February 1964, and recorded the remaining in July 1966. The reason for this is that the producer Walter Legge decided to dissolve the Philharmonia Orchestra in March 1964. Wunderlich was originally to have recorded his contrubutions in September 1964, but this was cancelled. Not before the musicians themselves had reorganized the orchestra (now as the New Philharmonia Orchestra) could further sessions take place. Further information on these matters can be found in Dame Elisabeth Schwarzkopf-Legge's book "On and Off the Record". The record was not released until 1967.

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