J. S. Bach: Mass in b minor BWV 232

The recording of the b-minor Mass was probably made in Stuttgart between the 1st July 1958 and summer 1959. The exact date is uncertain, but the record sleeve gives the orchestra as that of the 35. German Bach Festival. This festival took place in Stuttgart from the 26th June to the 1st July 1958. A performance of the Mass took place on the 29th June, but although the instrumental soloists were the exact same as on the recording, the vocal soloists were different (Agnes Giebel, soprano - Hanne Münch, alto - Helmut Krebs, tenor - Horst Günter and August Messthaler, bass). We may then conclude that it is likely that the recording was made after the festival was over, and that the original soloists were not available when the recording took place. The recording has appeared on a number of labels, but it is uncertain wich company did the actual recording. [Henrik Engelbrecht]

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