Milano: Teatro Ciak (1st)

Country: Italy (Italia)
Region: Lombardia
City: Milano
Location: Cittą Studi; Via Sangallo 33

Opened 1948 as "Cinema Dea". 1977 reopened as "Cinema Teatro Ciak" (or "Cineteatro Ciak"). Closed in the 1990s.

[In the 1990s the theatre moved temporarily to a former factory in Via Procaccini 4. Later, it moved to a new home in a tent-like structure in Viale Puglie 26 (Calvairate) which was closed in 2019 and scheduled for demolition.]

Links: Wikipedia: Teatro Ciak (all locations), Wikidata

Milano: Teatro Ciak (1st) Front Text: "cinema teatro ciak"
Reverse Text: "Stagione teatrale 1991-1992 [...]"
Publisher: Cinema Teatro Ciak, Milano; 118
Type: Advertising Card
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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