Berlin: Palast der Republik

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Berlin
City: Berlin
Location: Mitte, Schloßplatz (formerly: Marx-Engels-Platz)

Built 1973-1976 by Heinz Graffunder, W.-R. Eisentraut, C. Schulz, M. Prasser, H. Aust on the former site of the Prussian Royal Palace, "Stadtschloß" (demolished in 1950). Opened 25 Apr 1975. The complex contains a large hall, a parliament hall, a theatre, a youth centre, a bowling centre, and several restaurants, cafés, and bars.

Großer Saal: Used for political conventions, congresses, festivals, guest theatre performances, classical and pop concerts, and balls. Movable walls and decorations made it possible to vary size and atmosphere of the hall on short notice. 5000 seats.

Plenarsaal: Site of the GDR parliament, "Volkskammer der DDR". Also used for congesses. Site of the the first freely elected parliament of the GDR in 1990 that voted in favour of the reunification of Germany. 536 seats (+ 250 balcony seats for spectators).

Theater im Palast (TiP): Studio theatre located in the 4th storey. Used for drama performances by a resident ensemble, as well as guest performances, lectures, classical chamber concerts, and pop concerts. 250 seats.

The whole complex was closed in September 1990 because of asbestos contamination. After years of political and aesthetic discussion about the future of the site, the German Bundestag parliament decided in favour of a new building largely imitating the old Prussian Royal Palace in July 2002. The Palast der Republik was demolished 2006-2008.

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[Berlin: Palast der Republik] Picture: start of the construction works, in the background the "Berliner Dom" cathedral, 1973 (postcard of ca. 2005)
Reverse Text: "Beginn der Bauarbeiten zum Palast der Republik, 1973"
Publisher: Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin; 116
Size: Modern
Not sent.

[Berlin: Palast der Republik] First Day Cover (DDR, 22 Apr 1976)
Text: "Berlin Hauptstadt der DDR - Palast der Republik"
Stamp: "Palast der Repuiblik"
Postmark: "Berlin 1085 - 22.4.76 - Palast der Republik"

[Berlin: Palast der Republik]

[Berlin: Palast der Republik] Reverse Text: "Berlin, Hauptstadt der DDR, Palast der Republik - Dvorets Respubliki - Palast der Republik (Civic Centre) - Palais de la République"
Publisher: Bild und Heimat, Reichenbach (Vogtl.); III/26/13 A1/885/85 300885 01 15 0400
Size: Modern
Sent: from Rangsdorf to Sülzhayn, 1985

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