Berlin: Tränenpalast

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Berlin
City: Berlin
Location: Mitte, Reichstagufer 17 (off Friedrichstraße)

Built ca. 1961 as a customs clearance room at the "Friedrichstraße" railway station, popularly known as "Tränenpalast" [tears palace] since it was there that East Berliners had to say good-bye to their visitors from the West. Closed 1989. 1991 converted to a theatre and concert hall, and officially named "Tränenpalast". Used for theatre and comedy performances, concerts and other events.


Berlin: Traenenpalast Picture: background, very left: Metropoltheater, foreground, center/right: Tränenpalast, background, right: Friedrichstraße station
Reverse Text: "Berlin Hauptstadt der DDR, S-Bahnhof-Friedrichstraße"
Publisher: VEB Bild und Heimat, Reichenbach i. V.; III/26/13 A 1/274/64
Size: Modern
Sent: from Berlin to Ludwigsfelde, 1965

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