Berlin: Admiralspalast

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Berlin
City: Berlin
Location: Mitte, Friedrichstraße 101/102

Built 1911 as "Admiralspalast" by Heinrich Schweitzer and Alexander Diepenbrock, replacing the Admiralsgartenbad spa (built 1873-1874). The complex included cafés, a cinema, a bowling centre, a luxury spa, and an ice rink at Planckstraße (accessible via a courtyard from Friedrichstraße). The ice rink could also be covered with a wooden floor in order to be used as a huge ballroom.

1922 conversion of the ice rink into a variety theatre, "Weltvarieté" by Oskar Kaufmann and Richard Wolffenstein (1065 seats).

1930 rebuilding by Oskar Kaufmann, Richard Wolffenstein, and Max Ackermann (2200 seats). Re-opened as "Theater im Admiralspalast". 1939-1940 major redecoration by Paul Baumgarten sr., who destroyed Kaufmann's expressionist decoration (as ordered by the Nazi culture ministery) and added a "government box" (1400 seats). 1945-1955 used as home to the Deutsche Staatsoper opera company. 1946 venue of the merger between the forced merger of the East-German social democratic (SPD) and communist (KPD) parties to the SED.

1955 renamed "Metropol-Theater". 1955-1983 used mainly as a concert hall. From 1983, used as an operetta theatre. In the 1990s, re-opened as a private musical and revue theatre, directed by René Kollo. Closed 1997. Rebuildings 2005-2006. Reopened 2006 as "Admiralspalast".

The cinema wing (at Friedrichstraße) was later used as a casino and as a cabaret theatre by "Die Distel".

[NB: The theatre is not identical to the variety theatre, "Metropol-Theater" (1898-1933) in Behrenstraße, currently home to the "Komische Oper".]

Notable world premieres:

  • Eduard Künneke: Liselott (2nd version, 17 Feb 1932)
  • Nico Dostal: Manina (28 Nov 1942)

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Berlin: Admiralspalast Picture: ice rink before the 1922 rebuilding
Front Text: "Eis-Arena" [Ice Arena]
Reverse Text: "Admiralspalast Berlin - Am Bahnhof Friedrichstraße"
Publisher: Raphael Tuck & Sons; Gravürotinto-Serien
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Not sent.

Berlin: Admiralspalast Front Text: "Revue 'Frau Luna' v. Paul Lincke - Friedel Schuster, Eiselt, Dünkler, Wagemann, Jankuhn, Dorsay, Obe, Münch, Schwed, Wenck - Revue - Theater im Admiralspalast - Tägl. 20.30 Uhr, Sonntags Nachm. 4.00, Kleine Preise", signed:"Contax-Montage, phot. J. Donderer"
Type: Advertisement Card
Size: Modern
Not sent.

Detail (below left):

Berlin: Admiralspalast Front Text: inscription: "Deutsche Staatsoper", left poster: "Tag des Deutschen Eisenbahners", advertisement on right wall: "Neues Deutschland - zeigt den Weg aufwärts", poster on right building: "Empfangsstelle Tag des Lehrers",
Reverse Text: "Berlin, Deutsche Staatsoper mit Presse-Café, Durch anglo-amer. Bomber zerstört. Wiederaufgebaut im Jahre 1950/51"
Publisher: Teco Trinks & Co., Leipzig; 2000 Bestell-Nr. 48; III/18/20 Za 630 92 751
Type: Real Photo
Size: Classic
Not sent.

Berlin: Admiralspalast Picture: courtyard around 1950
Front Text: "Berlin, Deutsche Staatsoper"; inscription: "Deutsche Staatsoper"
Publisher: Verlag Trinks & Co., Leipzig; Bestell-Nr. 2; M111-42500/50 BLN. 102
Type: Real Photo
Size: Classic
Not sent.

Berlin: Admiralspalast Picture: courtyard in the 1990s
Front Text: inscription: "Metropol-Theater"
Reverse Text: "Metropol-Theater Berlin, Friedrichstraße 101-102, 10117 Berlin-Mitte"
Publisher: Metropol-Theater, Berlin
Size: Modern
Not sent.

For another postcard of this theatre, see Berlin: Tränenpalast.

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