Karlsruhe: Konzerthaus

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Baden-Württemberg
City: Karlsruhe
Location: Festplatz

Concert hall, built 1915 by Robert Curjel and Karl Moser. Portico gable sculptures by Karl Albiker. After 1918, used as a second theatre by the "Badisches Landestheater" companies. In the 1920s, used for summer seasons of operetta performances. During World War II, renamed "Capitol-Lichtspiele" and used as a cinema. Severely damaged in World War II (inlcuding complete destruction of the façade and portico). Subsequently repaired (without the portico). 1945-1975 used for opera and ballet performances by the resident "Badisches Staatstheater" companies (1945-1950 also used for drama performances). 1953 major interior rebuilding as a theatre. Re-opened 14 Oct 1953 with Mozart'ts "Die Zauberflöte". 1964 installation of a studio stage, opened 15 Feb with James Saunders's "Next Time I'll Sing To You" (as "Ein Eremit wird entdeckt"). Closed as a theatre on 29 Jun 1975. 1992-1994 major exterior and interior renovations, reconstruction of the portico (with a relief by Stephan Balkenhol) and re-conversion to a concert hall by Rainer Rupprecht & Partner. Main hall: up to 1045 seats, small hall: up to 200 seats. Used for concerts and congresses.

Link: www.messe-karlsruhe.de

[Karlsruhe: Konzerthaus] Front Text: "Karlsruhe i. B., Städt. Konzerthaus"
Publisher: L. G. K.; 4162
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Karlsruhe to Crefeld (= Krefeld), 1920

[Karlsruhe: Konzerthaus] Front Text: "Karlsruhe, Städt. Konzerthaus"
Publisher: W. M. L.; No. 202
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Karlsruhe to St. Georgen/Schwarzwald, 1932

[Karlsruhe: Konzerthaus] Picture: before 1945 (printed on a late 1940s or early 1950s postcard)
Front Text: "Karlsruhe i. B., Staatstheater"
Publisher: J. Velten-Verlag, Karlsruhe/Baden; Rolf Kellner; 728
Type: Real Photo
Size: Classic
Not sent.

[Karlsruhe: Konzerthaus] Picture: left, foreground: Konzerthaus, middle: Stadthalle, right, foreground: Schwarzwaldhalle
Reverse Text: "Karlsruhe, Festhallenplatz, Luftaufnahme"
Publisher: Postkarten-Verlag Erich Bauer, Karlsruhe; Nr. K 59
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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