Karlsruhe: Stadthalle

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Baden-Württemberg
City: Karlsruhe
Location: Festplatz

Multi-purpose hall, built 1915 by Robert Curjel and Karl Moser. 1950 installation of a theatre ("Schauspielhaus") in the right wing by Müller-Merkstein, opened 8 Apr 1950 with Goethe's "Faust". Used 1950-1975 for drama performances by the resident "Badisches Staatstheater" company. 1979-1985 major rebuilding and extension by Herrman Rotermund and Christine Rotermund-Lehmbruck. The building includes 8 halls (including the concert hall "Brahms-Saal") and 20 function rooms. Used for classical concerts, congresses and various other events.

Link: www.messe-karlsruhe.de

Karlsruhe: Stadthalle Front Text: inscriptions, from left to right: "Restaurant, Stadthalle, Schauspielhaus"
Reverse Text: "Karlsruhe, Stadthalle"
Publisher: Rolf Kellner vorm. Joh. Velten Karlsruhe; 11386
Type: Real Photo
Size: Classic
Sent: from Karlsruhe to Singen/Hohentwiel, 1959

Karlsruhe: Stadthalle Picture: left, foreground: Konzerthaus, middle: Stadthalle, right, foreground: Schwarzwaldhalle
Reverse Text: "Karlsruhe, Festhallenplatz, Luftaufnahme"
Publisher: Postkarten-Verlag Erich Bauer, Karlsruhe; Nr. K 59
Size: Modern
Not sent.

Karlsruhe: Stadthalle Picture: side view after the 1985 rebuilding
Reverse Text: "7500 Karlsruhe, Kongreßzentrum"
Publisher: Bild-Druck & Verlag GmbH, Lübeck; Holsten-Karte; 75 A 7308
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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