Buenos Aires: Teatro Opera (new)

Country: Argentina
Province: Distrito Federal
City: Buenos Aires
Location: Calle Corrientes

[1st theatre on the site: "Teatro Opera", built 1871-1872 by Antonio Pestalardo. Demolished in 1935.]

Current theatre built in the 1930s by Alberto Bourdon. Used for all kinds of theatrical performances and as a cinema. 1998 renovations. 2500 seats.

[Buenos Aires: Teatro Opera (new)] Front Text: "Buenos Aires, Teatro Opera ", sign: "Opera", marquees: advertising Freddie Bartholomew and Dolores Costello in the 1936 movie "Little Lord Fauntleroy", and another movie (illegible) starring Danielle Darrieux
Stamped Reverse Text: "Paul Grösche, Musiker, Dresden-N."
Type: Real Photo
Size: Classic
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